Safety Reading List – Just the Good Bits

Easy to read but informative and provocative:

Except where noted, links are to PDFs of the documents and homepages of the authors.

High Pressure Steam Engines and Computer Software by Nancy Leveson

Why System Safety Professiona lshould read Accident Reports by Michael Holloway and Chris Johnson

Software Safety: Where’s the Evidence? by John McDermid

Predictable Surprises: The Disasters You Should have Seen Coming by Michael Watkins and Max Bazerman

Report of the South Shields Committee appointed to investigate the causes of accidents in coal mines

The Limits to Safety? Culture, Politics, Learning and Man–Made Disasters by Nick Pidgeon (paywall)

The Ironies of Automation by Lisanne Bainbridge

Analyzing software requirements errors in safety-critical, embedded systems by Robin Lutz (paywall)

The Seven Samurai of Systems Engineering  by James Martin

My own work on specific topics that often get raised when I’m speaking or teaching:

In service safety, temporal ALARP, and operational decision making:

A.J. Rae, M. Nicholson (2009), Making Robust ALARP Decisions for In-Service Systems, 4th IET System Safety Conference, London

Should you trust humans or computers to make decisions for you?
A.J. Rae (2008), The Operator or the Automation: In Whom Should We Place Ultimate Trust?, 3rd IET International Conference on System Safety, vol., no., pp.1-6, 20-22 Oct. 2008

ALARP, MeM, GAME, GAMAB – Where do I find a reference for all these? Ignore the “solution” presented in this paper, but the summary of the existing approaches is quite good.

A.J. Rae (2007), Acceptable Residual Risk: Principles, Philosophy and Practicalities, 2nd IET System Safety Conference, London